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Been quite some time

2015-10-18 23:14:32 by CrippledPig

I have been in and out of working on stuff for my games since my last post, and since 2014, I barely have any time to spare. The hard drive on my machine crapped out, along with the external that had my backups... and losing a giant chunk of graphics, animations, and test swfs made me less interested in completing anything. Luckily, my MacBook Pro still had some of the major stuff I put together, along with graphics. Losing all my core music files was the major hit, though. I would have liked to go back and edit some of the tracks, but it's far too late now. All I got are the MP3s. And I was VERY lucky to have them on my iphone, at the time...

Anyway... I have been debating on returning. Got some code I'd like to try out, with some ideas I had drawn up for either Horror Scape or Xenopod. Unfortunately, Horror Scape's story and background have been screwed around with so much that I'm not sure I have it in me to finally decide what it should be about. I swear; I must have at least 8 different versions of Horror Scape written somewhere... just never satisfied with it. Xenopod, on the otherhand, it's never changed, and I have a run-off idea for it.

If I go along with Horror Scape, I had 3 different ideas.

1: make it a game with randomly generated worlds

2: pre-built worlds with multiple branches to reach a couple different endings

3: point and click adventure game

Like I said... just can't make up my mind on how I want the game to be. Point and Click would be very interesting, but would require puzzles, and I'm no where near motivated to create original puzzles to solve... wel... maybe.

In the end... I may just spend some time testing out some animation ideas I had developed, and the best game to test them on his Xenopod... because I had Xenopod in mind while doodling.

I really miss developing games. Writing the music, creating the graphics, animating the characters, programming the content, and fight'n 'round the world!!! (south park reference >_>)

Horror Scape

2011-08-09 03:32:46 by CrippledPig

Hi everyone!

I have been hard at work on the new style of Horror Scape. It's coming along real well, although I am still trying to figure out the gameplay. Don't know whether I want it to have a free-roam adventure to it, or just level based... This is because I created a track that would fit for just wandering the world. Either way, its turning out very well. I have a combo system in the works, so that you can pummel enemies with a devastating final blow, and I have another idea for gameplay.... well, maybe...


I would upload some images, but I am currently on my iPad typing this. if you wish to see any of the latest works, check out this link: My Site

The latest upload is kinda screwy right now, thats because I fail and forgot to add a preloader... I'll be fixing this tomorrow. But turn down the volume, and wait a little bit then refresh the page... Or just wait till Wednesday, when I fix it up.

Projected release for this game is set for October. Fitting to release this during that month... kinda tired of July... O_o

I'll keep you all posted later!!


Been a while!

2011-05-13 15:43:44 by CrippledPig

Hello everyone.

Sorry about being AWOL for a while, been real busy. But I have some great news. I have been hard at work on the New Horror Scape for the past week. Crunching code, animating, and drawing. Got a monster completed, Marty's basic animations completed, tracks created, and general gameplay completed.

The gameplay of the new Horror Scape is different then the past versions, this new version is more like a classic arcade action game (TMNT, FINAL FIGHT). combo punches, grapples, jump attacks, etc. I'm still debating on the length of the game, and I may change some of the animations to "much" smaller frame lengths, considering that only 2 characters bumped up my size to 2.2mb. Thats not good. So I may have to sacrifice the animations for the game's size, lame.

Anyway, I'm still in debate over using a button combo system... seems like it would be fun, but it may add too much time to the process of completion. If I got the time, I may go along with it.

Other then that, I still have to complete all the monsters I want in the game, including bosses. And I still have tons of other things to do on the side, just figured that this time I'd complete each task before moving to another one. Programming and designing enemies and such for now, sound fx, then on to levels, bosses, then music.

it's coming along, and I'm hoping to get it done by July.


PS: please ignore the numbers at the top and the combo chart at the bottom, using those for notes as I debug.

Been a while!

Moving on!

2010-12-27 23:37:14 by CrippledPig

Ok, so I am done with Horror Scape and Xenopod ideas for now, that is until I finalize the gameplay and such for both. Making games with heavy story tends to make the process of designing beyond difficult! But with that being said; I am currently changing my plans to remake xenopod, and I am heading strait toward making something simple and a time killer. Somewhat a tower defense game, and somewhat a force building game. I may try to improv a local multiplayer gameplay mode.

The game is very simple in design, so it should be done rather quickly, that is until I remember that I have to spend time behind photoshop, flash (Programming and animation), and garageband... But thats ok, because so long as there are no story elements, I won't freak out over how things should "really" be done...

Anyway, thanks everyone for keeping up. I will post here on occasion, but mostly post screenshots, features, and such on my facebook page. Ferriola Design Studios

Keep gaming!


New Project

2010-09-28 13:40:19 by CrippledPig

I've been kicking back recently, painting warhammer and designing stuff for clients. But now I have a little extra free time to sit down and write up something, and so far I have got roughly five different ideas to work with. I can either go along with Horror Scape and head into chapter 2, get back to work of Xenopod AoC or PoTM, work on my RPG, or begin to design the current idea I have in mind. I'm not gonna say much about it, and its actually quite new for an idea, so I may count it out.

I also have a couple point n click adventure games I have to work on, but I don't know if the group I am working with has the time to help anymore. It looks like I may go back and work on Xenopod AoC, and fix up the story and gameplay. The story for Xenopod has been thrown around since the first release, so I'm not quite sure where to begin O_o

I have been experimenting with Flash and am now using shape tween to create my character animations, and so far it has been going very well.

Not 100% sure if I even want to make another game.

Time to patch up... huh...

2010-07-14 04:32:52 by CrippledPig

Looks like there are a few things that are not working properly. I took note of these errors, and yet its strange that they have been working fine before hand... I will be fixing the errors, and I will upload the fixes as soon as I can... Sorry for the inconvenience everyone :(

Anthony Ferriola

HorrorScape 60% Completed

2010-05-06 00:27:32 by CrippledPig

Ok... so its been some times since my last update, but thats ok... Why? Because I have been hard at work on the game since then, and I have plenty to update on.

Whats done so far:
Tracks: 22minutes of music. Boss themes, location BGM, and scene BGM.
8 completed levels:
6 characters animated and completed
6 monsters animated and completed
Main Menu, Continue Screen, and Intro are fully competed.
Special Powers system is completed
All but one character has voice acting completed
And I am roughly 45% done along the story line.

With all the voice acting, music, animations, programming, and so on done... from here on out, it should be a little easier to complete the first chapter of Marty's Adventure.

Here is a pic, it is not exactly recent, but it has some stuff in it that I did not share on NG.

Keep following up!

HorrorScape 60% Completed

25% mark!

2010-03-07 18:24:25 by CrippledPig

Horror Scape is at the 25% mark. Beginning two levels/movies are complete, voice acting is near complete, 2 monsters have been finished, marty's new animation is done, demons looks far better and are animated, and new graphics have been added... all in a few days... I.. am.. tired...

Taking a short break for today, especially after yesterday's programming extravaganza. I still have to complete the next 3 areas of the game, movies to go along with them, short voice acting for a character, and roughly 7-8 more animated characters. Got a lot of work done this past week, and there should be much more in the weeks coming.

where I am at: 2mb out of 10mb(Cap). I should be able to add everything needed to make this happen in Newground's 10mb Cap.


25% mark!

Progress is good!

2010-02-18 21:21:59 by CrippledPig

I have spent the past few days hard pressed on actionscripting and animating. It has been quite frustrating, more so with the animation... because I hate it...

Designed all the monsters, bad guys, etc... I had to remove audio from actionscript, because it seemed to add more size to the file... I'm at 3.79mb of 10mb. I still need to finish up scripting the voice acting, and then on to recording the remaining voice acting. I have a few friends in college who are willing to take the parts needed, so I no longer have to do all the voices... Thank God...

I still have plenty of work ahead of me, but things are beginning to get a little easier, considering that I have the meat of the project done... All that is left are some movies, animations, small bits of actionscript, and boss fight... That may seem like a short list, but if I put it all into perspective... it could be a lot more then you think. Its hard trying to do all this work by myself... thats why this may be my last game design project. Its tiring to do program, animate, draw, and compose every little thing in the game, although it has been an experience.

Anyway... If everything goes to plan, the 1st chapter should be up and ready by May.

Progress is good!

Back to work...

2010-02-13 21:09:21 by CrippledPig

Getting back to work on Horror Scape. My story writer for Xenopod has more important things to worry about at this time... But thats ok, because its got me back into wrapping up Horror Scape's First Chapter, and i'm getting excited. Within the past 2 days I made an entire collection of tracks with Garage Band, Began work on the second part of the tutorial, changed the beginning intro, and added some addition code. It still feels like a while away, but the beautiful thing is that I have it "ALL" planned out now. After making all the music, I know exactly where and when I want the tracks and movie to happens. I guess this was kinda a blessing, because Horror Scape was confusing me for a while... still may change a few things, there are a few things I mention in the 1st tutorial that I am beginning to believe is irrelevant to the story... or at least something I don't want... Then again... Hmmm....

I am trying to get in more time on Horror Scape, only thing that is getting in my way is the pain in my wrist from sitting in front of my Mac for several hours a day. Composing the music, designing the art, typing the code, and animating the characters can cause a lot of problems with that issue...

1st chapter is currently at 3.25mb. Thats 3 tracks at medium settings, half of 1/3 of the textures, 1/3 the character design and animation, 2 movies, an intro and menu system, preloader, 3 sound fx files, and 5 voice files.

I am missing quite a lot, so I may have to drop settings on the sound fx. If I can make it under the 10mb mark with everything I have, then things will be fine. I want to make sure that the music is at least medium quality, it expresses a lot in each area of the game.

There will be 3 sections of this chapter. Meaning there will be 3 different location that include levels. Not 3 levels, like the original. I plan on making the game 15-20 minutes in length, if not more.

I would like to post a Screenshot, but I decided that at this point I will save everything for the finished product.

Thanks for reading
Tony (CrippledPig)

Back to work...