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Progress is good!

2010-02-18 21:21:59 by CrippledPig

I have spent the past few days hard pressed on actionscripting and animating. It has been quite frustrating, more so with the animation... because I hate it...

Designed all the monsters, bad guys, etc... I had to remove audio from actionscript, because it seemed to add more size to the file... I'm at 3.79mb of 10mb. I still need to finish up scripting the voice acting, and then on to recording the remaining voice acting. I have a few friends in college who are willing to take the parts needed, so I no longer have to do all the voices... Thank God...

I still have plenty of work ahead of me, but things are beginning to get a little easier, considering that I have the meat of the project done... All that is left are some movies, animations, small bits of actionscript, and boss fight... That may seem like a short list, but if I put it all into perspective... it could be a lot more then you think. Its hard trying to do all this work by myself... thats why this may be my last game design project. Its tiring to do program, animate, draw, and compose every little thing in the game, although it has been an experience.

Anyway... If everything goes to plan, the 1st chapter should be up and ready by May.

Progress is good!


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