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Been quite some time

2015-10-18 23:14:32 by CrippledPig

I have been in and out of working on stuff for my games since my last post, and since 2014, I barely have any time to spare. The hard drive on my machine crapped out, along with the external that had my backups... and losing a giant chunk of graphics, animations, and test swfs made me less interested in completing anything. Luckily, my MacBook Pro still had some of the major stuff I put together, along with graphics. Losing all my core music files was the major hit, though. I would have liked to go back and edit some of the tracks, but it's far too late now. All I got are the MP3s. And I was VERY lucky to have them on my iphone, at the time...

Anyway... I have been debating on returning. Got some code I'd like to try out, with some ideas I had drawn up for either Horror Scape or Xenopod. Unfortunately, Horror Scape's story and background have been screwed around with so much that I'm not sure I have it in me to finally decide what it should be about. I swear; I must have at least 8 different versions of Horror Scape written somewhere... just never satisfied with it. Xenopod, on the otherhand, it's never changed, and I have a run-off idea for it.

If I go along with Horror Scape, I had 3 different ideas.

1: make it a game with randomly generated worlds

2: pre-built worlds with multiple branches to reach a couple different endings

3: point and click adventure game

Like I said... just can't make up my mind on how I want the game to be. Point and Click would be very interesting, but would require puzzles, and I'm no where near motivated to create original puzzles to solve... wel... maybe.

In the end... I may just spend some time testing out some animation ideas I had developed, and the best game to test them on his Xenopod... because I had Xenopod in mind while doodling.

I really miss developing games. Writing the music, creating the graphics, animating the characters, programming the content, and fight'n 'round the world!!! (south park reference >_>)


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