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2010-01-20 16:41:07 by CrippledPig

It has been quite some time since I played the original xenopod... and wow... its horrible, lol. I have to give myself some small amount of credit for even trying, but omg the actionscript, graphics, and music suck the big one... at least to what is currently in the works. Only problem is that the remake (more like complete overhaul) may take longer then expected due to the amount of actionscript I need to make the first chapter. How long? I do not know at this time, because I still need to animate monsters, design weapons, create effects, and finish the layout. So far all I have is a test level with the main character, snow effects, and music.

Sad truth is the Horror Scape has a lot done on it, and I kinda dropped it. I guess I am kinda tired of trying to get Marty to stop jumping when his (x,y) position touches a 90degree angle platform corner. Somehow I managed to fix the same problem in Xenopod back in January of 09, but I don't remember where and how... Wish I left a note in the code for this problem... :/

I will upload some images in an update, but right now I have a lot of things I need to get done with graphics and movement. I need to change "all" the arrow key functions to WASD controls, for the player's ease.

Once I get the first chapter done, I may just go back to Horror Scape and release the first chapter of that. Again... its actually got quite a bit finished, just need to add a few more monsters, villains, levels, movies, voices, and create all new track with GarageBand... which, btw, is the grandest damned music creation software ever... when you get the expansion packs... It rocks balz. No more casio keyboard and sony acid recordings anymore... thank God.

Anyway, I will come back with more updates bout either game. I am glad I got back into it, because I have noticed that I was beginning to lose my coding knowledge before I got back to work on Horror Scape in October.


Progress Update

2010-01-06 05:00:38 by CrippledPig

Ok... I got a team behind me doing all the work that slows me down... the story and concept art. I would do the concept art, but I find that I lack the patience for drawing now :/ , and the story is never satisfying to me, that is until I got together with a friend of mine who is great at writing. So far I like where its heading, not so "basic". The outlook on the game has changed "completely". Its now an action/horror game.

Good news is that I got quite a bit done for BGM so far, thanks to Garageband, and I will get back to re-working "everything". Only problem is that I now have to wait on the artist to develop some portraits of each character, and that will be discussed this weekend. So I will only be getting the music an some basic images done within the next two weeks. Yeah... again... Xenopod is getting a complete make-over, and things are actually coming together this time. Music blends in real well with the theme, and got people backing me up.

The game will be released in chapters. I will give a date in a later update, because I don't know how far the team will go down the Rabbit hole until one decides to stop. Either way, good/bad news is I have all the time in the world to work on this, because Devry did an excellent job at not offering any classes for me this session :/

Keep updated if you can, more to come later.


Update n'stuff

2009-10-28 19:44:03 by CrippledPig

ya... tired up posting "development update ##", or i may be quite lazy.

Anyway, i am typing this with one hand at the moment, so bear with me... Horror Scape is coming along real well. I have been working on it hardcore since the last update, and there is still quite a ways to go. I'm hoping to use the next 3 days to get it done in time for Halloween, but its a slim chance at this point... there is far to much to add to the game. I have some ambient critters running around, undead, and the nudead farm animals complete, as well as a menu, intro movie, and tutorial movie. Like I said, its coming along well, and I can't wait to upload it. I just finished taking a 4 hour nap, so I will get right on it in a few minutes... just getting tired. I "MAY" release the game in chapters, this way you all can get the complete experience. I originally thought about releasing a demo, then I was going to make a home copy of the full version (Portfolio and such).

Anyway, if I was going to do the chapters thing, Halloween may be official... "MAY BE"....

Update n'stuff

A long awaited Update!

2009-10-14 22:04:22 by CrippledPig

Well... all I can say is wow... I never spent this much time workin on a game since the first Horror Scape, so I guess things are going well. Actually... they are going well.

I have completed drawing up plenty of textures, backgrounds, and added plenty of new actionscript. I added some particle effects, as well as other things. So far Horror Scape is looking far better then I originally intended to build, and I will display an image of how it looks so far. I am currently trying to finish up the intro movie as well as the menu, then on to more in game stuff. I am workin my rear off so I can try and launch this on Halloween week, because I figured it would be far more neat to launch a goofy horror game in that week. so in all, the game is turning out real well, and I will be testing the current build on a weaker system then what I have. You will get the idea of graphics when you see the image below, I hope you all enjoy! :) (game is currently 1.6mb with 3 tracks and several textures, going great)

A long awaited Update!

New Project Started.

2009-09-28 04:10:24 by CrippledPig

Hi Everyone...

Today I am only mentioning that I am spending my free time to work on something new. I'm tired of NEVER being satisfied with my current work, because I seem to think far to big on the games I'm currently working on. Let alone... I'm so burnt out on wanting to spend time on another side-scroller. So I have begun to work on another project that is more along the lines of an Action/RPG, because its something that is far more interesting. xenopod and horror scape still have plenty to be worked on, as far as story and elements.

I will "not" be releasing anything on the game, it will come out when I get a demo completed.

I'm sorry about the wait for any of you who happen to be looking forward to another Horror Scape or Xenopod. They will be completed in the future, but at this time they require much revamping that will require MUCH time. Starting fresh, and with a complete gameplan will help me complete this game.


Developement Update 07-12-09

2009-07-12 01:36:45 by CrippledPig

Ok... I just finished the new logo (Which does not look to different), but I designed it in vector graphics with Flash. I believe it looks great and fits a cartoon look, so I hope ya'll enjoy it. I am changing Horror Scape's game style back to the RPG gaming style that I had planned originally, because I created some music that fits battle themes throughout the game. The overworld style of the game is still in debate though... may either remain a side scroller or may end up being a top-down view... depends on how the view fits everything, and I believe with the music, the top-down may be better. But we shall see....

Besides that; I have several other game ideas that have been racing through my mind, and I am excited to do things with them, and I have a few people helping me design the mechanics and story. I have the plot, time, environment, classes, magics, and all the small simple details down, but there are a lot of fine tuning needed... and I do not have the time for that, so help is more then needed.

Horror Scape will be released as a demo with voice acting, but the full version will not be seen on Newgrounds because of file capacity, so I may have to set up my own site that has good bandwidth just to get people online to play. But until then, Horror Scape's full version will be be offline.

So in the end... Got new music, logo, and designs done for Horror Scape, new game ideas, and... that is it. I'll catch ya'll later, I'm gonna get back to work on some voice acting.


Developement Update 07-12-09

Delays, delays, delays....

2009-06-03 19:27:41 by CrippledPig

Hi everyone... I owe you all an apology over the constant delays for the release of Xenopod, or a re-release of Horror Scape. Things have been very difficult for the past few months, and it has been taking its toll over what I can or cannot complete. I do asure you that Xenopod AoC will release eventually, but with the amount of work it requires, it is very hard to keep up with the production (Due to the limited time I have to spend on it).

I have ideas for simple games I can make, stuff that should barely take any time, but I am still in debate over what time I have to use. But my idea may be interesting to you all, I will not say anything about it untill I get more completed. It will be a secret project....

I hope everyone is having a great summer, send to me if you have any questions or concerns over the production of Xenopod or Horror Scape...

Tony... :(

PS: Sorry if i'm brief, I'm actually quite sick right now. I have been under extreme stress for the past 2 months over school, my job, and personal issues.

Back to the keyboard... (AoC Notes)

2009-04-27 05:38:52 by CrippledPig

Hi everyone, I know it has been some time, but I figured that it is about time to keep ya'll up to date on the current situation/development of Xenopod AoC. Things are going well, the story is taking a major change, graphics style has been changed, and character design may be changed as well... in all... I am pretty much starting from scratch. But, no need to worry. As long as Xenoscry (Writer) gets the story for the first chapter of AoC completed and I get some voice acting, the game will be "FAR" closer to completed. Excellent says I !!!

Anyway... I will upload a picture of a more recent screenshot. I have done some particle coding with the actionscript, and that seems to be going fairly well. Wish me luck when it comes down to beta testing the first chapter, and praying that there are no major glitches.... oy...

Besides that stuff! I have been gradually adding more and more stuff to the Horror Scape idea that brews in my mind. Although I am stoked for AoC to finally get some work done and shine a definite release, Horror Scape is just... well... "That game". It was a mistake that was fun as hell to put together, and then play. Horror Scape's gameplay is still under development.... I have been having an extremely difficult time trying to think between a turned-based RPG, or a traditional side-scroller. Part of me wants to keep it to it's origin and go with the traditional stuff, but having the game play as an RPG would be pretty fun and interesting too. Only problem is coming up with a save system for such a thing. Would hate to make a game that has no save system, and requires players to beat the game in one long run.

Although I would love to post some more info, I am quite tired. I will leave you all with a screenshot that I will take.... right... now!

Lemme remind you that the animation you see is old. It was intended for the release that was supposed to happen a year ago. Although I love the animation and quality... it just does not fit what I want to display. Let alone.... its a little easier to draw animations in flash.... just a little...

Also... I may be fixing up the code in the Origional Horror Scape soon. I want to make it have a lot more flare and such. May end up completely rebuilding the code, since it is trashy :/
I may also animate the characters differently, so keep up with my updates here, and eventually you may see a release for the rebuild of the first Horror Scape game. May add more voice acting and such.... I may actually turn it into the offical story version. Kinda gets me excited, especially to remake the levels... Anyway, keep in touch

Back to the keyboard... (AoC Notes)

Development Notes 04/08/09

2009-04-08 04:14:15 by CrippledPig

Well... Things are going "FREAKIN" awesome. I mean it!!! I just finished drawing coding the first section of the chapter, and created a minor graphics/coding demo. I was gonna upload it on Newgrounds, but I do not want to attract people who want to see a completed game, making them review 0s. Let alone, I really don't want it reviewed, if anything... I just want to upload it, so I can show the team what it looks like. Guess I'll leave that up to GeoCities for now.... Since when does NG's blog do in-text spell checks... neat.

Besides that news, I got 2 more songs done, a boss fight track and a mysterious wonderland style track. Images look great, especially when animated to move. I have decided that I may go the route of drawing characters in Flash. This is because they look distinguished from the level design. Although... If I want to go the graphics route, I would do them all in PhotoShop. But... I like this look. Anime look

The writer is doing an excellent job revising the story, and making it a little more thrilling. Lucky for me, he's good at writing horror stories, and it shows btw. The settings are still the same, and the changes are directed toward the events and characters. Looking great tho.

I'll upload a pic of the game, check it out below. It is still missing one or two other background layers, but this is the basic look of it. Character animations will be redrawn... when running, Aryce looks kinda... strange... At least her leg's movements are the opposite of how I really want them.

Anyway, I do not have a date for the first chapter's release just yet! But expect one the moment the story is sent to me, I have the voice parts needed, and a few other outside requirements.

Thanks for keeping up everyone, the first chapter is in the works and is doing excellent. Here is some proof.


Development Notes 04/08/09

Development News

2009-04-01 23:43:31 by CrippledPig

Ok... wow. Newground's new design plays with my eyes. Oh well.

Anyway, I've got some excellent news. I have acquired some voice actors for roles in Xenopod AoC, and now things are getting back to the way it was... "getting the game on it's feet again". I've got some friends who are actors, and they are more then excited to get in on the project, so We'll see how things work out with this. Part of me thinks that I should possibly try a new moethod of animation, but the animation right now looks so good, that changing it would be retarded. Another interesting bit of information.... scratch that, forgot the info... sry :/

Well, since almost "ALL" the music is done, I will get back to work on Xenopod, because it would be a waste if I dropped it for Horror Scape. But!!!! Do expect a Horror Scape preview in the game. I have decided this.... Xenopod is now going to be considered as a chapter based game. Since Newgrounds has a max upload cap, the game (with voices) will be "far" to large in space. So I will be dividing the storyline into chapters.... which is "most" excellent, because this way I can make the game as large as I want, change events during story with a new released chapter, etc. Should be interesting, and may get you all "excited" for the next section of the story. AND, makes it easier for me to release a 10-30 minute game every few months, instead of trying to complete a full game. Same will go for Horror Scape. And about that!!!

Horror Scape will be a chapter based game, with chapters released every few months (5-6 months...) And Horror Scape's story system will be delivered as minor stories that have happened on Marty's journey to Phrazah Castle, and after the completion of a story, you will recieve codes. These codes will be accepted on the final story release, thus giving you the items acquired in completing that journey... now... I know that people will be able to easily acquire the codes from posters... I cant stop that, but I figured that it'd be fun for everyone to interact with completing the games. Seriously.... I am "SO" excited about this. Especially for Xenopod's style of gameplay. This meant that I will be able to run players through the Xeno Wars, all the way to the End War. Gameplay may vary between each chapter.
For EXAMPLE: One story may be a survival story for the main character, so you simply play single player through the story. Then... One chapter may switch to a battle that is happenng during the main character's situation, but it involves two pilots or commandos, thus creating a 2 player arcade game. This will be interesting for those who want to player through.

Anyway, I need to get back to some work, so I will keep in touch with more information later.

Tony (CrippledPig)