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Moving on!

2010-12-27 23:37:14 by CrippledPig

Ok, so I am done with Horror Scape and Xenopod ideas for now, that is until I finalize the gameplay and such for both. Making games with heavy story tends to make the process of designing beyond difficult! But with that being said; I am currently changing my plans to remake xenopod, and I am heading strait toward making something simple and a time killer. Somewhat a tower defense game, and somewhat a force building game. I may try to improv a local multiplayer gameplay mode.

The game is very simple in design, so it should be done rather quickly, that is until I remember that I have to spend time behind photoshop, flash (Programming and animation), and garageband... But thats ok, because so long as there are no story elements, I won't freak out over how things should "really" be done...

Anyway, thanks everyone for keeping up. I will post here on occasion, but mostly post screenshots, features, and such on my facebook page. Ferriola Design Studios

Keep gaming!



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