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XenoPod Notes 02/13/09

2009-02-13 05:13:45 by CrippledPig

Great News, so far I have completed some new character designs, and had just recently picked up a $400 Wacom tablet for $210 (Circuit City close-out...). This is good, because this will help me complete XenoPod AoC much faster, especially since I decided to draw all characters, NPCs, and other interactive objects in Flash (PhotoShop takes too much time and effort). So with all that said, it should not be too hard to complete sets of animation for monsters, characters, etc. Although I still need to get used to drawing on the tabet :/

Anyway, I had just finished adding animations to 1 of the 2 playables (May not be the end), and I had begun to draw new background art (That happens to look 2 times better then the previous). I'm seriously getting excited to finish this project now, since I can actually see it happen now. Let alone I want to get back to work on Horror Scape "The adventures of Marty", because it has everything it needs to be complete... still just happen to be debating over a 2 player hack-n-slash, or a strait forward platformer (Just like the last, but with all Flash drawn art and far better code). Eitherway, it will turn out good.

I finally decided to get myself a monitor for my desk-top again, because a 1080p 60" tv can only take you so far on resolution... for real... I was all excited to use the tablet with photoshop and flash, that is until I found out that Vista absolutely hates Flash MX 2004. Lame.... :(

In all... things are going fairly well for the game, and I will eventually post it as a demo (Because I know that New Grounds will not support what it will take in a Full version). So far I have already reached roughly around 2mb, but that is with the png files that I will soon be deleting (character animations). To keep things at a low cost of space, I "might" change the tiles and BG to flash as well... but we'll see. For all I know, it may still be better to use tiles.

Thanks for keeping up with my project everyone. Once I complete all the animations, I will get back to level design and coding.


Ok, I know that it has been a long time since the last time I posted, but I do have some awesome things to state!!! I mean... AWESOME!

AWESOME things...
1) After a long year of college and c++ programming I have beaten my old actionscript, and now I can do far more then before. hit tests are far superior, jumping is far better, and plenty more to come. I'm excited!

2) I finaly have decided that I will no longer change the story of XenoPod, every time I rethink the story it makes everything I have worthless. So I'm pulling out the dusty images from last year, still looks great.

3) Now that I finally have some free time, I'm spending all my normal gaming time on XenoPod. I really want this game displayed on New Grounds, and I think people will love it.

I do not currently have a date for the demo, but since I have almost all the images, everything should be simple from here on out... except for animated enemies... that will take time... :(

So everything is going well, and as a side project during school I went ahead and began on Horror Scape. Graphics on Horror Scape are Flash graphics, so no jazzy looking graphics like XenoPod. But then again... Horror Scape is a Cartoon World. But anyway, XenoPod AoC is currently in the works, and is looking great.

Want to thank everyone who had to bare with me during the past year, it has been highly stressful. So do not think that this will be a waste, XenoPod will be complete, I just need to make sure that I get it right.

Thanks again!

XenoPod Developement! (Im Back)

Back in Action

2008-09-03 18:35:19 by CrippledPig

Hi everyone.

Sorry about the long delay on updates; I recently had a large project due for two classes, and they both prevented me from continuing my work on AoC. I actually had to design a game with Game Maker 7 that was actually fairly cool to work with, but it did take it's toll on my actionscripting. I went back to work on AoC this week and I found myself confused about what I had completed in the actionscript, so I need to spend some time looking everything over. Good news is that the classes I am currently are not game design classes, so they do not require hardcore attention... at least for 5 weeks, k... more like 4 weeks. Eitherway, I can get back to work on AoC.

Although the release of a demo has been postponed, I am actually glad that this happened because I got more time to think things out for the story. I looked into the old books I made for the structure, characters, story, and level layouts for AoC and found that there was much needed to make it a more emersive game. So things will be a little more interesting to work with at this point.

So to begin: I created images for a few monsters as well as more scenery. Story has been improved, and the same goes for the HUD.

I'll upload some pictures next time I make a post.


Extreme Delay

2008-06-30 21:51:55 by CrippledPig

Hi Everyone.

I know it's dificult to see any future for a demo of either Xenopod AoC, and or Xenopod PoTM. Unfortunately I have not had any free time to continue work on either game. Things have become difficult, and personal issues have been getting in the way. But... don't let this discourage you all, when I get things under control I will get back to work on Path of the Mercenary. It's a title that has some potential, and I would "love" to release it to you all to play. There is good news though....

I have just recently finished a more accurate/interesting story to Horror Scape that should make the game fell more like... well... a game. Unfortunately, any work on the priject will take time due to the need to complete PoTM. I will "not" share any of the features of the game, because I am holding it secret till it's demo release. Horror Scape is my leading release, and now it's been perfected. The great news is that it will be an entertaining game, and will be quite theatrical in it's features, so just hold on and wait. Don't get me wrong, it may take "much" time before I get to work on it, let alone I "MAY" just hold it off for my final project in school. To make it's production much easier (If I do make it in FLASH) I will design it in the image of the first. I may even reuse all the images I made, except the backgrounds. But we shall see. Let me just say, that the next horror scape I will be going "ALL OUT ON".

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who keeps themselves posted with my messages. And I would also like to give my apologies to those who have been waiting for the release of either AoC and PoTM. As I stated in an earlier post, AoC has been dropped until I have decided whether or not the coding works well. If I can get some actionscript to work properly, I guarentee I will bring it back up over everything else, because the game has alot. But, I do want to give people some ideas what to expect in AoC, sice it takes place after PoTM.

Thank you all for keeping posted, When things in my personal life clear up, I will get back to work. I "REALLY" want to release at least another game before I begin do hardcore game design in school.

Thanks for readin


BTW: If you play Age of Conan, and are in BloodSpire server. Send me a message through newgrounds.

Xenopod PoTM Newsletter #2

2008-04-20 21:20:35 by CrippledPig

Hey everyone!

Things are going great for the game so far. I got more music completed, and I also have added several more textures to the game. My next step is to plot some actionscript. It's been a little difficult trying to get the game in the works, with work and school... but things are going pretty well.

As far as Voice actors, I have found a few willing to do the voices. Unfortunatley, I can't find a good female voice for the main role. This sux, because everyone I know who tried out for it, sound like the voice acting from House of the Dead 2.... and thats bad.... No want that!

Besides the voice acting, I will be uploading a pic of the first level in my next newsletter, just to show you the work that has been put into the texturing, and such.

I did run into "1" problem. I will not be adding 2 player in this. It's not going to work, but eitherway, how many people play online flash games that support 2 player, and actually play 2 player... ok, so there may be a few, but I just can't do it at this moment. It would require more work then needed.

As I stated though, comin along well. I still do not have an official release date for you all... Sorry, but having myself to work on a project, and with how much a perfectionist I am. It may take a couple months, or I may suprise even myself. If you wish to see a demo of this (That will be composed of mainly 3 levels), post here or send a message.


I wish I had an image to upload today, but I am a little unprepared.

There is a new project in the works, that will take less time and will also explain some thing that happen before AoC.

The game name is Path of the Mercenary.
You will play as a mercenary pilot for hire, and you play through a campaign from the beginning of the the Xixian Rebellion to the end of the Lunar War (AKA: The beginning of AoC).

Unfortunately, I have not completed the full list of characters except for the enemy. As far as the playable characters, I may have it where you play as either a girl or dude! And there will be voice overs through out the game. I will try to shorten the amount of sounds files used, so I can get the size of the game low enough. But I know it will hit roughly 10-15mb on completion.

Whats really done, so far:
Well, I completed a track, and have two near completion. I have drawn up two flyable starships, and have completed the whole story/script. I also completed the enemy ecounters list.. I've got all the background information "done", so thats GREAT! Because I was "no where" near done with AoC's background info. The game is "so" long, it was very difficult getting something done, and then to later change it because it does not match what I drew up later.

How are things going?
Well, in general... They are going mutch smoother than AoC did. I actually have a decent amount of stuff done, I just need to begin coding everything, design some levels, and then find some voice actors.

So here is the logo of the game! I will upload some ingame images in a later update!

Xenopod AOC is postponed! But...

AoC Progress Feb 08

2008-02-07 16:31:02 by CrippledPig

Hey everyone!

I've got some pretty cool news. The progress on Xenopod AoC has been increasing, thanks to college. I seem to be better motivated now, and am more then excited to give you all some good news. I recently finished a lot of level design, and art work. Things are coming along "REAL" nicely. Sad thing is that there will be some changes to the BGM. I really do like the music, but some of it is going to be changed, this is due to the fact that some of the current BGM sounds like action scenes, or could just flat out be used for some "GREAT" action scenes. I also began working on Aryce's character animations. That is coming along nicely as well. I also added a new character to the story. I will not give away much from that side.

As far as an expected release of the demo... It's still debated. I didn't realize it, but I still have much to do. More BGM for a boss fights, locations, and character themes. I got most of it done, just need more. I also forgot about sound effects. That will be the most difficult to trace. Afterall, I do not have a "wide" array of sounds to work with, to start. Actually, I have "NONE". So I will have to begin finding sound effects soon. I may just explore my keyboard, to find a few sounds to mix and distort to get laser sounds I want.

Back to the question at hand though. The date "may" be in April, if I keep up at this rate. I still have "MANY" animations to work on, let alone creating monsters and hostiles animations. As I stated though, It's coming along. And it will be great.

I'm still debating on adding flash art in the backgrounds of AoC. I love how it looks now, but as far as the interior locations, It may actually free up a few frames. Let alone, there is not much required to create interior locations in AoC. It's mainly a dark game.

I am sure I stated this earlier, but I will "not" be adding voice overs in the demo. The game will take "MUCH" space if added. Though, I am pretty sure that I stated this too. I may try to contact Newgrounds Staff, to see if it's ok to go over the limit with AoC.

Anyway, thats about it. Things are going pretty well, and I'm hoping to get this project done. This is because I have another project in mind for a new "HORROR SCAPE" game. There are plenty of ideas in debate right now for a "FULL" version of Horror Scape. I'll tell you this, it will look nothing like it does right now. I mean. I decided to make it cartoon like. Photoshop backgrounds, and terrain. With Flash art animations. I may also make this an RPG. And it will explain the "whole" story of Marty and how he came to Horror Scape, what he needs to do.

Anyway, I'm excited to get AoC's demo up and running one day, because it's been a lot of work. And it's nice to display something that you put that much work into, and see how people think of the story, art, design, music, etc.

BTW: I am changing my logo to "CrippledPig Studios". You will see that in Xenopod AoC, and any further work I do. So, keep up with the news, and maybe you will catch something "REAL" awesome.

Anthony Ferriola

AoC Progress Feb 08

AoC developement slow down

2008-01-21 19:52:12 by CrippledPig

Hey everyone.

I know it's been some time since my last post, but I have some "Good" news and "Bad" News. I'll start off with the good news, because it leads to the bad news.

Anyway. After some thinking, the history of Xenopod is being reworked. Nothing huge. All of the events remain, especially in AoC. It's just that the history is "vital" to the ending of AoC, and with how the history was written at the time, there was much to be desired to get the full picture. The reason why the past is "vital", is because there are many elements and events that will be documented for players to read during the game. If players read the docs, they will get a full understanding of the current situation and what may happen. I had the plan of creating readable documents in-game, but I never detailed the histor of Xenopod to even make myself fully understand what is "truely" going on in the Xenopod universe. So Just to let you all know, it's been a lot of work so far, and with completing the Xenopod story, this will make players more excited to finish the game. Story "always" makes people interested to see the end. Sadly, I "really" wish I could have made the "Lunar War" before AoC, that way victorious players may get an understanding off what to expect.

But as for the bad news. Because of this process, the game has not been in design for a while. I figured that I'd be wasting my time working on the game, especially when I later may not have any need for certain characters, documents, monsters, and music. And also, I "Will" be creating new tracks for the game. Some will be kept, and some will be remixed. I am also trying to keep up with cut-scene bg music. If you want to know more about the game... Well, it uses many background layers, custom photoshop images(As seen in recent post), custom ingame bg music, story scripting, voice acting, action button mini game(EX: Your character is auto running away from large creature, press displayed button to avoid obsticles), there is much more, but I can't think of it all at the top of my head. OH!!! 1 important note, you play as two characters through the game. It "IS" story driven. So to get by problems, it is actually required to switch over. "This will be activated when you reach the correct goals".

In general, the pic I uploaded last time "IS" an ingame image, I am not lying. I got a few emails telling me that the game is either stolen or fake. If I wanted to upload the current swf file, I would do so. But I am not going to throw the game out too early, when I still have much to work on. And the game is not stolen... I have been working on xenopod since the "first" release back in 05. And now I can finally release a version of Xenopod that I am happy with. That last version was my "first" game, so coding was out of the picture.

So seriously people... Just hold on. The demo will eventually release, it's just that between college, story, and work, that I have been slowly working on the game. I'm sorry, I "REALLY" do want to release this, especially with how it is turning out. Another problem that I have come across is that the game already takes 2.5mb, and it's only about 35% complete for the "DEMO". I fear the demo may take possibly 8-10mb in the end.

Anyway. Any support to see the game released would be appretiated. It's very difficult at the moment trying to motivate myself to use my breaks as time to design the game.

Heres to the new year tho!
Anthony Ferriola

AoC developement slow down

Development Review #3

2007-12-21 14:18:28 by CrippledPig

Great News everyone!

Not only has Xenopod AoC ben in the works once again, but the one problem that has left it on the shelf for development, has been solved. Awesome! So the great news is that the game has been going through some major work. As of four days ago, I have been working on AoC non-stop. It's been alot of fun cracking the code, and adding more textures and sprites. The only thing that worries me is the fact that, the game already takes approx = 2.5mb. When the demo is finished, I am afraid that NewGrounds may not accept Xenopod because of it's size. With the current progress, I believe the game may take roughly 5-6mb of space. We'll see if they will accept it. Hopefuly everyone will make this game noticable to the admins, that it may impact it's acceptance.

Anyway, per usual. I will upload an ingame image. I was gonna make more levels, but I decided I will design "everything" that will take place in each level, that includes enemies, allies, backgrounds, etc! So this is just an image of the first level. Enjoy!

PS: Keep up with the development reviews, I will post something every few days now. The game is now coming along, and I have voice actors lined up when I return to Texas. I will post their names, if they desire. :)

Development Review #3