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2010-09-28 13:40:19 by CrippledPig

I've been kicking back recently, painting warhammer and designing stuff for clients. But now I have a little extra free time to sit down and write up something, and so far I have got roughly five different ideas to work with. I can either go along with Horror Scape and head into chapter 2, get back to work of Xenopod AoC or PoTM, work on my RPG, or begin to design the current idea I have in mind. I'm not gonna say much about it, and its actually quite new for an idea, so I may count it out.

I also have a couple point n click adventure games I have to work on, but I don't know if the group I am working with has the time to help anymore. It looks like I may go back and work on Xenopod AoC, and fix up the story and gameplay. The story for Xenopod has been thrown around since the first release, so I'm not quite sure where to begin O_o

I have been experimenting with Flash and am now using shape tween to create my character animations, and so far it has been going very well.

Not 100% sure if I even want to make another game.


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