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25% mark!

2010-03-07 18:24:25 by CrippledPig

Horror Scape is at the 25% mark. Beginning two levels/movies are complete, voice acting is near complete, 2 monsters have been finished, marty's new animation is done, demons looks far better and are animated, and new graphics have been added... all in a few days... I.. am.. tired...

Taking a short break for today, especially after yesterday's programming extravaganza. I still have to complete the next 3 areas of the game, movies to go along with them, short voice acting for a character, and roughly 7-8 more animated characters. Got a lot of work done this past week, and there should be much more in the weeks coming.

where I am at: 2mb out of 10mb(Cap). I should be able to add everything needed to make this happen in Newground's 10mb Cap.


25% mark!


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2010-03-07 18:26:46

*snorts and then turns over onto the side *