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HorrorScape 60% Completed

2010-05-06 00:27:32 by CrippledPig

Ok... so its been some times since my last update, but thats ok... Why? Because I have been hard at work on the game since then, and I have plenty to update on.

Whats done so far:
Tracks: 22minutes of music. Boss themes, location BGM, and scene BGM.
8 completed levels:
6 characters animated and completed
6 monsters animated and completed
Main Menu, Continue Screen, and Intro are fully competed.
Special Powers system is completed
All but one character has voice acting completed
And I am roughly 45% done along the story line.

With all the voice acting, music, animations, programming, and so on done... from here on out, it should be a little easier to complete the first chapter of Marty's Adventure.

Here is a pic, it is not exactly recent, but it has some stuff in it that I did not share on NG.

Keep following up!

HorrorScape 60% Completed


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